Watch: 180NHM with MMA Fighter Roger Gracie

Yet another short film from the guys over at Relentless Energy, this one features Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion and MMA fighter Roger Gracie talking about the pressure of coming from a fighting legacy and his motivations.

This three minute film is part of the 180 No Half Measures series, and was shot at Gracie’s Gym in New York. It’s an action packed short film, lasting just 180 seconds (thus the 180NHM name obviously!)

Relentless Energy Drink explains: “The 180NHM film is an intense and exciting project to be involved with. Our vision was to portray Roger as more than just a fighter, to go deeper into why he fights. It’s about creating a documentary that gets under the subjects skin as more than just an athlete and looks at their personality, drive and motivations.”

Watch the film in full here: