Watch the first 5 minutes of Megamind

Nickelodeon recently previewed the first 5 minutes of Dreamworks Animation’s brand new feature Megamind, and now it has been released to the world via the internet.

Now I’m not usually a huge fan of these first 5-10 minute previews as I believe that it distracts from you engaing right away as you may wish to fast forward to the new stuff and it allows for people to turn up late to the screening (a personal bugbear). But still studios churn them out so somebosy must like them.

The movie tells the story of the dashing and daring Metro Man and his rival, the criminally gifted Megamind. It stars the vocal talents of Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tiny Fey and the often hilarious Jonah Hill.

All indications are that this should be good. The US will know first as they get it November 5th, with Ireland lagging one month behind with a December 4th release date.