Whipped into shape

Carla_GuginoWatchmen star Carla Gugino, who played Sally Jupiter and the original Silk Spectre in the movie, is reteaming with director Zack Snyder for his forthcoming fantasy action movie Sucker Punch.

The movie is based on Synder’s own script and centres on girls in a 1960s asylum who lead a dual life in an action-packed alternate reality. Gugino will play a psychiatrist in an asylum—and an alternate-universe dominatrix version of the character. Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung also star as the patients who plan their escape via their fantasy world.

Gugino, who is currently promoting Women in Trouble, told reporters that in addition to playing psychiatrist Dr. Gorsky that “In an alternate world, I play Madame Gorsky, who is a dominatrix choreographer/madame in a brothel. I sing and I dance and I’m Polish.”

Many of the same crew from Snyder’s Watchmen return for Sucker Punch, which is also filming in Vancouver, Canada. “I was just so excited to get to go back up and work with everybody again,” Gugino said. “I mean, I’m up there with my whole crew that I know from that, so it’s nice.”

It all certainly sounds interesting. Look out for this when it hits cinemas in 2011.