Will Smith for Independence Day Sequel(s) ?

The sequel(s) to the 1996 superhit sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day has been sitting on a shelf for what seems like forever. But now with the news that 2 completed scripts have been presented, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman being confirmed, and the first movie’s hugely popular filmmaker, Roland Emmerich, onboard to direct, the one question still out there is if the original leading star, Will Smith , will be taking lead yet again for the proposed sequels. Latest news is, that although the story is ready to go, the 2 scripts have a major difference… The inclusion of Smith’s character Cpt. Steven Hiller.

Some time back, the studio 20th Century Fox and the movie’s producers and casting people, approached Will Smith’s agent, hoping to bag the megastar for the sequels, but when hit with a massive $50 million bill, they proceeded to have a back-up script prepared, which excludes Smith’s character entirely and replaces him with an as-of-yet unknown character/star. But most exciting is the fact that the writers and studio are seemingly so hopeful of his participation that they did prepare the first script including his character, and the 2nd is being considered a fall-back. But will Fox hand over the $50 mill + expenses and possibly a slice of merchandise profits, or will they use that dreaded second script and move ahead without the Fresh Prince ? Well, he is working on a new movie right now, has 1 more in pre-production, and has 2 sequels announced, so if Fox are willing to part with the cash, will Mr. Smith be available for shooting? “Now that’s what i call a close encounter!”.