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#Review: Evil Dead Rise

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Evil Dead is a decades-long franchise adored by many. Sam Raimi’s film has transcended its humble beginnings from movies to television shows to games and even a musical. Now 42 years later audiences are introduced to a new corner of the world touched by the darkness of the Necronomicon. Starring an intimate cast and with Irish director Lee Cronin at the helm, it’s time for Evil Dead Rise.

Evil Dead Rise is about a small family inside a rundown apartment block, who unfortunately happen across an ancient book one rainy night. From there, horrors from beyond their understanding assail them, leaving no one the same afterwards.

The film is set within an apartment block. This dilapidated building is home to several characters, including the lead characters. This small family, mom Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), son Danny (Morgan Davies) and sisters Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) and Kassie (Nell Fisher) are visited by their aunt Beth (Lily Sullivan). She’s looking for a break from her hardcore life, so she comes home to her big sister and her loving family.

We have a sweet few scenes before hell literally breaks loose.

Evil Dead Rise – What will I be?

This film, is brilliant. I’ve always been a fan of the Evil Dead franchise and I am happy to say that Evil Dead Rise is another stellar entry. One of the main aspects that gives it such an exciting personality is its setting. The film is mainly set in the apartment the family lives in. Pushing the element of the cabin in the woods further with a claustrophobic and dank setting. You’re watching every dark corner, looking out for faulty wiring and praying to god someone puts out that stove.

Then comes the safety of the inhabitants of said apartment. I was worried for the majority of the film for every character in the film, except Danny, but when you see the film you’ll get it. Kassie, the smallest victim of the film, is brilliantly portrayed by newcomer Nell Fisher. She has the right level of innocence and wildness.

Now I can’t review an Evil Dead film without talking about the horror and it is impressive. The monster within this film is suitably unnerving. One scene involving the monster screaming at a door is horrific in its style and mood. The film also has incredible audio. Between the score and the soundscape of the film, you will be on edge for the majority of Evil Dead Rise.

Evil Dead Rise is a brilliant film, it’s as simple as that. A fan of the Evil Dead franchise, or a fan of horror needs to check this out.

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