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#Review: Halloween Ends

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It’s coming close to Halloween. A few weeks from now we’ll be celebrating the spookiest time of the year. To set up the season one of the films associated with this season has come back to end it all. That’s right folks Halloween Ends has arrived. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell Halloween Ends promises that this is the end of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers’ epic duel that began all those decades ago. Does it live up to the hype?

Halloween Ends is a fascinating film in that Michael isn’t actually in it that much. It’s a strange bait-and-switch wherein we’re following Allyson (Matichak) and Laurie as they have now, seemingly, moved on from the horrors of Michael Myers. It has been four years since Halloween Kills and there is normalcy now as Laurie has found peace taking care of her granddaughter. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events spin a dangerous new evil into the lives of the people of Haddonfield.

It works, it just kinda sucks

I found Halloween Ends to be interesting. The new character Corey (Campbell) is in my opinion a brilliant addition to the cast. He is a young man struggling with inner demons and watching his journey in the first third of the film is genuinely engaging. Unfortunately, as the film goes on the drama of the narrative becomes melodrama. Not only that the evil at the centre of the film becomes cartoonish. Not to the same degree as Halloween Kills thankfully but it detracts from the sincerity of the characters. As I said before the first third is easily the most interesting part of the film.

When the film gets into the meat and potatoes it turns into a teen drama and dares to ask a question that is laughable. What if Laurie and Michael were hot for each other? It is at this point the film loses a lot of its credibility. Thankfully if you’re here for slashing and the gore there are some decent kills in this one. A particular favourite of mine involves a victim in a radio station. It actually made me feel ill. Also, Halloween Ends still has that signature John Carpenter sound that makes it still as memorable. Even now this score keeps the goosebumps coming.

Halloween Ends is a fun film. It puts forth several compelling ideas and though a lot of them don’t land the ones that do are interesting. With this supposedly the end of Laurie and Michael I think it is a suitably bizarre ending for them both. Check out Halloween Ends in your local cinema and let us know in the comments below what you thought of this final hurrah.

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