Luther: The Fallen Sun

#Review: Luther: The Fallen Sun

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Coming to Netflix, and cinemas for a limited time is the return of a legendary sleuth. That’s right folks, John Luther (Idris Elba) has returned in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Set immediately after the events of the fifth season of Luther, Luther: The Fallen Sun sees Luther go up against possibly his most deranged and bizarre villain. I say villain because this latest criminal is a full-on monster.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a brilliant addition to the adventures of DCI Luther. Idris Elba has lived with this character for so long and it shows. He’s brilliant as the ever-looming figure that is John Luther. He goes from rage-fueled behemoth to soft-spoken carer effortlessly and it continues to engage me as a fan of the character.

Haunted by a killer

Luther is now in prison, unfortunately, a criminal has taken an interest in Luther and wishes to taunt him. This causes Luther to reach out to the new boss Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo) about this criminal and how he can help. Unfortunately being in prison, doesn’t give you a lot of credibility, so when she shuts him down, he has to go back out onto the streets to stop this monster.

This monster is played by Andy Serkis and Serkis is having an absolute blast in the role. He is chewing up the scenery every chance he gets and it’s a lot of fun to watch. About halfway through the film, he is part of a superbly dark scene set in the centre of London.

What is a fascinating element of the film and the series is that Luther is basically a superhero now, specifically Batman. His signature coat is his costume, he also has a Batcave at one point complete with his own version of the batmobile. It’s brilliant and if you’re a fan of Luther you’ll eat this all up. Add to this a criminal that feels like a mixture of a Bond villain and a Batman villain and you’ll have a lot of fun with this big-budget episode. That’s what makes this film feel so impressive. It looks like a bigger, bolder episode.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a fun return to a character that a lot of people love. With an impressive-looking film and a suitably unnerving villain, Luther is back in a big bad way. Hopefully, he’ll return for more crimes down the line.

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