Irish legend Niall Tóibín to play sociopath in new web series Deadlock

Niall Tóibín, known for his roles in Far and Away, Veronica Guerin as well as The Clinic and Ballykissangel is to come out of retirement to voice the sociopath “Issac” in new web series Deadlock which stars his daughter Muiréann Tóibín in the lead role.

Written by Liam Kavanagh and produced by Midlands based Alonze Productions Deadlock is a tense thriller pitting a retired Garda detective against the serial killer she never caught with her son’s life on the line.

“I am known for four main character” said Niall. “The drunk, the priest, the IRA man and the Judge. This is something different” when asked about the role.

Alonze has already produced a trailer for the project, which you can see above, with the 5 part web series to begin in September. Find out more on their Facebook page.

Clara Merrion is an ex-detective left haunted by the case of the Nightlink Killer, a serial killer guilty of carrying out vicious, fatal attacks on seemingly unconnected victims. Unable to catch the murderer, Clara has given up not only her pursuit of the Killer who calls himself Isaac, but her career as a result.

Now, Clara’s son Lee has just graduated from Templemore and is looking forward to starting his career at Clara’s old Garda station when he’s attacked and taken hostage by Issac. He offers Clara a challenge – stop him from committing more murders or he takes her son’s life. He gives her all the clues she needs to uncover his identity. All she has to do is put them together and get to him.

There’s just one problem; Clara’s agoraphobic. She’s sealed herself in a sterile apartment, afraid to so much as open the door, let alone leave. Issac has taken control of her security systems, too, trapping her in her own paranoia, with no way out of the game he’s determined to play.

Clara must fight the clock and her own fears in order to save her son and put an end to the reign of terror of the most twisted, evil mind she’s ever faced.