Forthcoming Home Viewing – Killer Joe

It’s been 6 years since The Exorcist director William Friedkin last brought us a
film, the underrated sci-fi horror Bug. Now the auteur is back with Killer Joe
and has gathered a great cast that includes Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church
and the vastly unappreciated Matthew McConaughey.

The movie sees a young man who gets in way over his head attempt to settle his debt by having his mother killed for her life assurance.

Killer Joe is out June 29th.

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When 22-year-old Chris (Emile Hirsch) finds himself in debt to a drug lord, he hires a hit man to dispatch his mother, whose $50,000 life insurance policy benefits his sister Dottie (Juno Temple). Chris finds Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a creepy, crazy Dallas cop who moonlights as a contract killer. When Chris can’t pay Joe upfront, Joe sets his sight on Dottie as collateral for the job. The contract killer and his hostage develop an unusual bond. Like from a modern-day, twisted fairy tale, “Killer Joe” Cooper becomes the prince to Dottie’s Cinderella. Based on the play by Pulitzer and Tony Award winner Tracy Letts, “Killer Joe” is a garish, provocative black comedy from Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) and stars Emile Hirsch, Matthew McConaughey, Juno Temple, Thomas Hayden Church, and Gina Gershon.