#IrishAbroad: PBS acquires Irish documentary Behind the Sword in the Stone

PBS, the American public broadcaster, has acquired Irish directors Mark Wright and Alec Moore’s documentary film Behind the Sword in the Stone.

Behind the Sword in the Stone is a retrospective documentary that looks back at the making of director John Boorman’s 1981 movie, Excalibur. Self-described as the toughest film he ever made, Excalibur told the tale of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone and helped start the careers of actors Liam Neeson,Gabriel Byrne, Helen Mirren and Patrick Stewart.

Shot entirely on location in Ireland and employing Irish actors and crew, Excalibur has been acknowledged for its importance to the Irish filmmaking industry. The film features the aforementioned quartet, as well as other cast and crew, who share their memories from the filming of this Arthurian masterpiece in the hills of Wicklow, Kerry and Tipperary in 1980. The Wicklow Film Commission has preserved a historic 42 miles round trip “Excalibur Trail” that takes in the locations used and is still an annual tourist destination.

Moore and Wright made Behind the Sword in the Stone in 2012/3 through their Mossy Hare Productions production company. The film completed post-production thanks to a succesful IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign. PBS will air the documentary later this year.