The Book That Wrote Itself

#IrishAbroad: Janson Media acquire international rights for Liam O Mochain’s The Book That Wrote Itself

The Book That Wrote Itself, Liam O Mochain’s 1999 debut feature film has been picked up by US distributor Janson Media for worldwide distribution (excluding UK/Ireland TV).  The film is now available to buy/rent on Amazon VOD in North America, UK/Ireland and available to view worldwide on Amazon Prime.

The Book That Wrote Itself screened at a number of international film festivals including Vancouver Int. Film Festival in Canada; Seattle and Boston in US; London, Cambridge and Raindance in the UK; Oslo in Norway; Mar del Plata in Argentina; Durban in South Africa and Galway film fleadh (World Premiere) in Ireland.   The film picked up three international awards, including the Critics Prize at the Austin Film Festival.

We are delighted that the film is getting an opportunity to be seen by a new audience worldwide with a really great distributor.  Janson Media are well known and trusted in the industry and have been handling films from all over the world including Ireland for the past 30 years.
Liam O Mochain

The 20-year old Irish indie film The Book That Wrote Itself is firmly entrenched as a cult classic. The comedy is written & directed by Liam O Mochain, who also does a star turn as its leading man.  Like the Steve Martin character in the film Bowfinger, O Mochain makes clever use of unwitting cameo appearances by Hollywood stars George Clooney, Chazz Palminteri, Kenneth Branagh, and Melanie Griffith.

Our team are delighted to be working with such a singular talent as O Mochain, and we’re fired up to introduce The Book That Wrote Itself to a new generation of cinemaphiles.
Stephen Janson, president of Janson Media

The narrator of the film is Michael D. Higgins.

The Book That Wrote Itself follows Vincent Macken (O Mochain), who has written what he thinks is the best novel ever, a Celtic quest saga set in Ireland 200 years ago.  When he over hears literary agents at a book fair ridiculing his masterpiece, he vows to prove his detractors wrong. He hires Aisling (Antoinette Guiney) an aspiring filmmaker, to document his novel on video. Soon the novel takes on a life of its own, as she is more interested in making a documentary about him. Vincent finally decides that what he has created has the potential for a hit movie. He goes to the Venice film festival, blags a press pass and tries to convince Hollywood stars to come to Ireland to take part in his forthcoming movie. The result is not what he expected.

The film on its’ initial release received strong reviews with Boston Herald calling it “Funny, refreshing, an appealing road movie”, Time Out London “Inventive comedy that proves surprisingly memorable”, Film Threat “Audacious and cleverly executed, if The Book That Wrote Itself was actually a book, I’d recommend it.”  Empire Magazine “Hip and Charming”, Sunday Times “Funny”, Seattle Weekly “Amusing”, BBC Film 2001 “Intriguing” and the Irish Times “Good Humoured.”

The film was released in Ireland in 2000, the UK in 2001, and in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hungary in 2003. The film was re-released in the Ireland/UK on DVD in 2010 by Media Sales/Sony for its 10 year anniversary. The film was produced by Siar A Rachas Muid Productions Ltd (‘WC’) with completion funding by Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland.

Lost & Found Liam O Mochain’s 3rd feature film was released in ireland earlier this year and is out in UK cinemas on Oct 19th.