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#IrishAbroad: Feline Films’ Wolf selected for Berlin Film Festival’s Talent Project Market

Feline Films’ new feature film Wolf has been selected for the Berlin Film Festival’s Talent Project Market, a collaboration between the Berlinale Co-Production Market and Berlinale Talents.

Wolf is a film about a seventeen year old boy, Jacob, who is trying to repress some unfathomable, lupine instincts. He is sent to the “Zoo” a clinic which specialises in curing this disorder – a little known but growing condition called species dysphoria in which people believe they are an animal trapped in a human body. The patients undergo a series of increasingly odd and violent repressive therapies and Jacob’s only respite comes from his secret nocturnal meetings with another patient, the Wildcat. A love story begins between the two -but will he be able to renounce his true, wild self, for love?

The film is produced by Jessie Fisk (Song of Granite) for production company Feline Films, which she runs with writer/director Nathalie Biancheri. Feline Films aims to produce innovative and thought provoking feature films and documentaries which support diversity in both subject matter and talent. The company’s first fiction feature will be, Wolf, developed at  Le Group Ouest’s ‘Less Is More’ script lab. Wolf was awarded development funding from the Women In Film Lottery Fund in 2017 and won the Danny Lerner Grand Prix for Best Project at the 15th edition of the Sofia Meetings co-production market last year.

The Talent Project Market offers participating producers an introduction to the international market, access to selected financiers and valuable expertise to help make their films. 11 emerging producers are selected to present their film projects to experienced international co-producers and financiers attending the Berlinale Co-Production Market. The eleven selected projects compete for a prize. Three will be nominated for the VFF Talent Highlight Award, worth €10,000, and their projects will be pitched publicly at the Berlinale Co-Production Market. The winner will be announced during a Pitch and Award Ceremony at the Berlin House of Representatives.

The Berlinale Co-Production Market is a part of the European Film Market. Co-operation partner and primary event location is the Berlin House of Representatives (Abgeordnetenhaus), which is situated right across from the European Film Market at the Gropius Bau. The 16th edition of Berlinale Co-Production Market takes place February 3rd to 16th.

“Talent Project Market” – Projects and Selected Production Talents

  • – Three Brothers (D: Francisco Paparella), 3 Moinhos (P: Ana Alice De Morais), Brazil & Río Azul Films, Argentina
  • – Each of Us (D: Anne Zohra Berrached, Carla Simón, Meritxell Colell), Alhena Production (P: Eva Pauné), Spain
  • – Livramento (D: Lillah Halla), Arissas Multimidia (P: Clarissa Guarilha Santos), Brazil
  • – Kullu Men Allah (D: Rotem Kaplinsky), Black Sheep Film Productions (P: Alona Refua), Israel
  • – Bufis (D: Mahad Ahmed, Vincenzo Cavallo), Cultural Video (P: Vincenzo Cavallo), Kenya
  • Wolf (D: Nathalie Biancheri), Feline Films (P: Jessie Fisk), Ireland
  • – The Driver (D: Lusine Sargsyan), Illusion Production (P: Ophelia Harutyunyan), Armenia
  • – In-Law (D: Dar Gai), Jugaad Motion Pictures (P: Dheer Momaya), India
  • – Autobiography (D: Makbul Mubarak), KawanKawan Media (P: Yulia Evina Bhara), Indonesia
  • – Like a Limbless Tree (D: Tunç Davut), Tekhne Film (P: Sinem Altindag), Turkey
  • – Peaches (D: Jenny Suen), White Sea Pictures (P: Jenny Suen), Hong Kong & Salty Pictures, People’s Republic of China