Watch: Trailer for Nadj Foley’s independent Irish feature Blue Dawn

BlackRoad Studios, with Pen to Paper Productions, has released the trailer for writer/director Nadj Foley’s new independent Irish feature film Blue Dawn.

The story sees a young man return home to rural Ireland after joining the army and serving time in Afghanistan. Upon returning home he begins to discover the real effects that going to war has had on both himself and those that he left behind.

The film stars Fiach Kunz, Degnan Geraghty (The Lobster), Kyle Hixon, Rosemary Keogh, Michael Mullen, Darren Cahill, and Kristopher Redmond.

Blue Dawn was filmed in locations in Wicklow, Roscommon, and Meath late last year. A crew features cinematographer Barry Fahy (The Last Man) and composer Michael Joyce, with music from Dane Frisby. Director Nadj Foley produces with co-producer Fiach Kunz.

For more information on the film check out its Facebook page.