Ag Teacht: Irish/British/Dutch co-production Brand New-U

Brand New-U is an upcoming science fiction, thriller film written and directed by Simon Pummell, currently in post-production.

The film stars Irish actress Nora-Jane Noone (The Magdalene Sisters) in a lead role, alongside British actor Lachlan Nieboer. The rest of the cast is made up of Irish and British actors including Nick Blood, Tony Way , Robert Wilfort, Jacinta Mulcahy, Tim Ahern, Anthony Cozens, Andrew Buckley, Tim Faraday, Sukie Smith, Clare Monnelly, Phelim Kelly, Martin Richardson, and Michelle Asante.

The film follows the 33-year-old Slater (Nieboer), who obsessively chases Nadia (Noone), the love of his life. When she suddenly disappears Slater wants to report her missing, but realizes he knows nothing about her. The only clue he has is Brand New-U, a strange organization that deals in new personalities. In an attempt to find Nadia, Slater makes a deal with the organization and takes on a new identity. But when the borders between his identities start to blur, Slater will have to confront himself.

Brand New-U is an UK, Dutch, and Irish co-production, produced by Janine Marmot  of Hot Property Films in the UK, Reinier Selen of Rinkel in The Netherlands, Conor Barry and John Keville of SP Films in Ireland, in association with Illuminations Films. Funding comes from the BFI Film Fund, the Irish Film Board, the Netherlands Film Fund, and Finite Films.

Filming took place at locations in London and Dublin. Brand New-U is undergoing post-production in The Netherlands, where it is getting special effects work from Raamw3rk. It is expected to be released later this year.