Irish Abroad: Room and Brooklyn receive multiple nominations for 2016 Canadian Screen Awards

The Canadian Screen Awards nominees have been announced and there’s a raft of nominations for the Irish/Canadian co-productions Room and Brooklyn.

Room leads with 11 nominations, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director for Lenny Abrahamson, Best Actress for Brie Larson, Best Actor for Jacob Tremblay and Best Supporting Actress for Joan Allen.

Brooklyn is up for three awards, including Best Motion Picture, Achievement in Cinematography, and Achievement in Music. Surprisingly there is no nomination for actress Saoirse Ronan, who did pick up the similar nod for the Academy Awards.

Room, which was shot in Toronto, received $3-million from Telefilm Canada, while Brooklyn, which was partially shot in Montreal, received $1.5-million. Ontario and Quebec agencies made additional equity investments, and the films benefited from federal and provincial tax incentives.

Both films were nominated for Best Picture for the Academy Awards last week, and are currently on release in Irish cinemas.

Key film nominees:

  • Best picture: Brooklyn; Corbo; The Demons; Felix and Meira; The Forbidden Room; My Internship in Canada; Our Loved Ones; Remember; Room; Sleeping Giant.
  • Direction: Philippe Lesage, The Demons; Maxime Giroux, Felix and Meira; Anne Émond, Our Loved Ones; Lenny Abrahamson,Room; Andrew Cividino, Sleeping Giant.
  • Lead Actor: Maxim Gaudette, Our Loved Ones; Christopher Plummer, Remember; Rossif Sutherland, River; Jacob Tremblay,Room; Jasmin Geljo, The Waiting Room.
  • Lead Actress: Leah Goldstein, Diamond Tongues; Hadas Yaron,Felix and Meira; Karelle Tremblay, Our Loved Ones; Céline Bonnier, The Passion of Augustine; Brie Larson, Room.
  • Supporting Actor: Waris Ahluwalia, Beeba Boys; Tony Nardi,Corbo; Irdens Exantus, My Internship in Canada; Nick Serino,Sleeping Giant; Patrick Hivon, Ville-Marie.
  • Supporting Actress: Balinder Johal, Beeba Boys; Mylène Mackay,Endorphine; Christine Beaulieu, The Mirage; Joan Allen, Room; Cynthia Ashperger, The Waiting Room.