63rd Cork Film Festival

#Festival: Industry days for 63rd Cork Film Festival announced

The Cork Film Festival 2018, taking place on 9th – 18th November, has with support from Screen Training Ireland, launched their programme of Industry Days.

Industry Days provide invaluable opportunities for established and emerging filmmakers to connect, and to explore all aspects of the film industry.

The following Industry Days can be booked now:

First Take – Thursday 15th November

First Take is a training and development event for film and media students, emerging filmmakers and newly established film professionals. Through individual presentation, case studies and panel discussions, the event aims to promote fresh thinking and foster DIY ethics amongst attendees, inspiring them to create their own film projects, and to proactively promote their work.

Sessions will delve into the fundamental techniques of pitching and packaging film projects, explore the creative and practical processes involved in low-budget feature filmmaking, and provide a case study analysis of a high-profile Irish feature film from the 2018 Cork Film Festival programme.

Speakers and contributors include:

  • Moe Dunford – Actor, The Dig
  • Brian J Falconer – Producer, The Dig
  • Jessie Fisk – Producer, Feline Films
  • Neil Harrison – Executive Vice President, Head of International Tracking, Stagwell Media (NRG) UK / National Research Group
  • Oonagh Kearney – Director, Five Letters To The Stranger Who Will Dissect my Brain
  • Dr. Susan Liddy (MIC) – Co-Chair, Women in Film & Television Ireland
  • Beatrice Neumann – International Film Consultant
  • Harry Ponsonby – Vice President, International,Stagwell Media (NRG) UK
  • Andrew Tohill – Co-Director, The Dig
  • Ryan Tohill – Co-Director, The Dig
  • Darya Zhuk – Director, Crystal Swan

Doc Day, In Partnership with Screen Ireland – Friday 16th November

In partnership with Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, Cork Film Festival continues to develop its focus on high-quality Irish and international documentary cinema. Doc Day seeks to inform, inspire and connect established and emerging directors, producers and writers with international producers, directors, programmers, sales agents, distributors and film sector leader to further understand and develop opportunities in the documentary landscape.
Sessions will include:

Exploring alternative funding for feature documentary, the role of festivals in documentary distribution, and breaking into the international market.

Examining the experience of filmmakers who tackle social issues in their fi lmmaking: what inspires their eff orts, how do they choose their projects, and the politics of documentary filmmaking.

A case study of the Northern Irish Production company Fine Point Film: how the company has built a sustainable model within the domestic and international markets, and the opportunities and challenges involved in producing a documentary specific remit in your output.

Speakers and contributors include:

  • Trevor Birney – Producer, Fine Point Films
  • Brendan Byrne – Producer, Fine Point Films
  • Isabel Davis – Head of Production / Producer, Pulse Films
  • Sarah Dawson – Programme Manager, Sheffield Doc Fest
  • Sarah Dillon – Development Manager, The WRAP Fund
  • Thomas Dumican – Director, No Greater Law
  • Calum Gray – Head of Sales, Embankment Films
  • Michael Hayden – Programme Director, Cork Film Festival
  • James Hickey – Chief Executive, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland
  • Katie Holly – Producer, Blinder Films
  • Marcel Karst – Head of Theatrical Sales, Dogwoof
  • Cynthia Lowen – Director, Netziens
  • Lea Marin – Producer, What is Democracy?
  • Justine Nagan – Executive Producer, POV
  • Treasa O’Brien – Director, Town of Strangers
  • Greg Philips – President of Distribution, Kew Media Group
  • Astra Taylor – Director, What is Democracy?

Focus: Filmmaker Forum – Saturday 17th November

Cork Film Festival’s inaugural Focus: Filmmaker Forum offers attending filmmakers the opportunity to take part in an informal networking event comprising a series of round table sessions aimed at guiding participants through the process of developing their first feature from development and financing, through production, festival strategy and distribution.

Participants sign up for five 20-minute sessions, where key Irish and international film industry players will take questions and advise on making the transition from short to feature filmmaking, and how to efficiently produce and exploit your film.

Speakers and contributors to be announced