#IrishFilm: Pierce Brosnan to play Gerry Adams in unique biopic

Following recent newspaper reports that actor Pierce Brosnan has been turning more and more into Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, it has been confirmed that the Navan-born actor will indeed portray the famous Northern Irish politician in a forthcoming biopic.

The film, provisionally titled as Adams: Nobody’s Fool, will be based on the Adams’ personal Twitter account, with Cork screenwriter Kevin Lehane (Grabbers) tasked with the onerous job of converting the tweets to a narrative.

[quote title=”Kevin Lehane – Screenwriter”]Adams is an extraordinary public figure, and it feels right that after we had a Northern Irish person play a historic Cork political figure that a Corkman should tell the story of one of Northern Ireland’s in return. Turning his Twitter stream into a coherent story is a Herculean task, but sure we’ll give it a go![/quote]

John Moore, who recently worked with Brosnan on upcoming thriller I.T. is attached to direct, with Brosnan producing alongside Mary Lou McDonald from Dáil M for Mary Productions. Noted British thespian Brian Blessed is in talks to play DUP leader Rev Dr Ian Paisley.

Excerpts from the film, particularly those involving Adams’ beloved ducks, will be rendered by Dublin-based Egg Post Production, who will also perform the edit, grade, and other post-production work.

Adams: Nobody’s Fool is set to be released on April 1st, 2017.

Happy April 1st everyone!