View It On Volta - Pioneers

Listen to Neil Jordan discuss his career on Get Round to It

This week’s View It On Volta focuses on Pioneers. Curated by Volta’s programmer Charlene Lydon, the collection includes films spanning three decades and shows the exciting evolution of Irish film from the early days of the Irish Film Board all the way up to our current crop of talented filmmakers.

In the latest of the Get Round To It podcasts, hosted in conjunction with the View It On Volta campaign, the legendary Neil Jordan chats about the making of Breakfast on Pluto and his long career.

In addition, hosts Aoife Barry and Lauren Murphy discuss Breakfast on Pluto and how it holds up in 2020, and Dancing At Lughnasa, the film version of the Friel play.

Listen to the podcast here.

This weeks Pioneers selection on Volta includes:

  • Borstal Boy
  • Breakfast on Pluto
  • Dancing At Lughnasa
  • Evelyn
  • Korea
  • Pigs
  • The Boy From Mercury
  • Trojan Eddie

This week’s code: Pioneers1