Halal Daddy

#IrishFilm: Sligo to host Irish Premiere of new comedy Halal Daddy on June 27th

Element Pictures Distribution and Western Development Commission are bringing a very special event to Sligo this June – the Irish Premiere of Halal Daddy, the hotly anticipated new culture clash comedy written and directed by Sligo native Conor McDermottroe (Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne).

Shot on location in Sligo town and county, Halal Daddy is a culture clash comedy about a halal meat factory in the west of Ireland, and a young man’s attempts to escape his domineering father and regain the affection of his sweetheart. Starring Nikesh Patel (London Has FallenIndian Summers) as the proverbial fish out of water, Halal Daddy also features Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space NineHell On Wheels) as the protagonist’s suspicious in-law, Art Malik (True LiesSex and The City 2) as his controlling father, and Sarah Bolger (In AmericaThe Spiderwick Chronicles) as his feisty girlfriend. The cast is joined by Deirdre O’Kane  (NobleIntermission), Paul Tylak (The Secret of KellsFather Ted), and David Kross (The ReaderWar Horse). HALAL DADDY is co-written by Mark O’Halloran (VivaAdam and Paul), who also plays Omar in the film.

Conor McDermottroe will attend the premiere alongside stars of the movie Nikesh Patel, Art Malik, Deirdre O’Kane, Paul Tylak, Stephen Cromwell and Jerry Iwu.

Halal Daddy is a film rooted in Sligo. In the late 1990’s I remember coming home for a couple of days and having a pint in the local pub. Some guys that I knew were in there celebrating. One of them lifted a pint of Guinness. I asked him what they were so happy about. He said the local meat exporters were going to re-open. He turned to me and said, ‘We’re going halal’. I looked in this guy’s face and I knew he hadn’t a clue what halal was! He was holding on to his job and was happy regardless.
Conor McDermottroe, Writer/Director

Halal Daddy is a film that infuses the backdrop of the west of Ireland and Sligo in a particularly compelling way. As such it extends the cultural story that has always made this region one of such interest to global film-makers. The WDC is proud to support this Irish premiere and welcomes the cinematic community and friends to Sligo.
Ian Branningan, CEO – Western Development Commission Ireland

The screening will take place in the Omniplex Sligo on Tuesday 27th June, following hot on the heels of the world premiere at the renowned Edinburgh International Film Festival. Halal Daddy is a Florin Film, Benrae Florin Films and Deadpan Pictures production and was supported by the Irish Film Board and Eurimages.

Halal Daddy will be in cinemas on 30th June, Cert 15A