I Am Not A Serial Killer

#IrishFilm: I Am Not A Serial Killer preview with Q&A at Light House, Dec 5th

A special preview screening of the upcoming release I Am Not A Serial Killer has been announced for next Monday, December 5th in the Light House Cinema. The film’s director Billy O’Brien and lead actor Max Records will be in attendance and will take part in a post-screening Q&A.

A dazzlingly original, darkly funny and disturbing gem with a genre-bending twist, I Am Not A Serial Killer follows a small town teenager in the US, obsessed with serial killers, who unwittingly discovers the identity of the killer who has been slaughtering residents for body parts.

Featuring 17-year-old Max Records, and Back To The Future’s legendary Christopher Lloyd, I Am Not A Serial Killer is the most entertaining and audaciously offbeat offering since Donnie Darko. A big hit when it premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March, it was a must-see film at the prestigious BFI London Film Festival.

John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous and he knows it. He is 16 and helps his mum and aunt at the family Mortuary. John is obsessed with serial killers but really doesn’t want to become one. So for his own sake and the safety of those around him he lives by rigid rules to keep himself “good” and “normal”.

When somebody starts murdering people in John’s small Mid-West town, he has to investigate and risk letting his own dark side out in order to stop the killer. But without his rules to keep him in check he might be more dangerous than the monster he is stalking. As the icy winter tightens its grip on the community a deadly supernatural game of cat and mouse ensues…

I Am Not A Serial Killer, directed by Billy O’Brien (who made the award-winning Irish horror hit Isolation) and adapted from the first in a series of novels from bestselling YA author Dan Wells, is best described as a sensationally strange horror/sci-fi coming of- age black comedy.

A British/Irish co production shot in Minnesota, it was filmed on 16mm by award-winning director of photography Robbie Ryan (Slow West, I, Daniel Blake).

I Am Not A Serial Killer hits Irish cinemas on Friday December 9thTickets for the event are now on sale on the cinema’s website.