I'm Talking to You

#IrishFilm: Check out the trailer for Thomas Quain’s independent Irish feature I’m Talking to You

Constant Motion Pictures has released the poster and trailer for writer/director Thomas Quain’s independent Irish feature I’m Talking to You.

The film follows Mark, a young Irish Garda who is being trained in on the M50. One day he discovers a pirate, propaganda radio signal that causes him to question his black and white morality.

I’m Talking to You stars Aidan Lawlor (Get Up and Go), Jed Murray (You’re Ugly Too), Alice Stands (Rebellion), and Robert O’Connor (Bloody Sunday). The film is produced by Anna Ginjaume Grivé and Victor McGowan.

The film has just completed and the director and producers are hoping to do the festival circuit this year, before a limited Irish release later in the year.