#IrishFilm: Raw new poster for Ciaran Creagh’s independent feature In View

Underground Productions has released the new poster for In View, a new Irish independent feature film from Parked writer Ciaran Creagh.

The film is the story of the implosion of Ruth Donnelly, a happy married and accomplished Garda detective whose drunken indiscretion while pregnant led to the loss of her baby at birth. Blaming Ruth and unable to cope, her husband takes his own life leaving Ruth alone. Five years later Ruth’s life of burdening guilt is dominated by rage, alcoholism, depression and self-loathing, leaving her to eventually conclude that there is only one way for her to make amends with the world.

The production has gathered some extraordinary Irish talent, with Caoilfhionn Dunne (Love/Hate) in the lead, supported by Ciaran McMenamin (One Hundred Mornings), Stuart Graham (Hunger), Maria McDermotteroe (Veronica Guerin), Aoife King (Mammal), Eoin Quinn (limp.) and Gerard McSorley (In the Name of the Father).

In View is produced by Dave Byrne of Underground Cinema, and is due out later this year. You can follow the film’s progress on Facebook.