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#Industry: Screen Producers Ireland welcomes launch of Audiovisual Action Plan

Screen Producers Ireland (SPI) welcomes today’s publication of the Creative Ireland Audiovisual Action Plan. The plan is based upon the OSN Economic Analysis of the Audiovisual Sector and the Screen Ireland / BAI Crowe Howarth Strategy for the Development of Skills for the Audiovisual Industry in Ireland.

The Audiovisual Action Plan contains key recommendations that, if implemented, will stimulate growth in the AV sector over the next 5 years. These recommendations include the extension of the Film and TV Tax credit S481 which the OSN report notes is ‘a key driver of the Irish screen industry success story.’ It also makes clear recommendations on TV Licence Fee reform to ensure an improved collection model.

The OSN report and AV Action Plan make strong cases for the extension of S481. We hope that there will be an official Government announcement, confirming this extension, by October of 2018, to take account of the long lead in times for productions.

The solutions to TV Licence Fee reform advocated in OSN reflect those contained in the report by the Joint Oireachtas Communication Committee and ones we have lobbied for: introduce a new universal broadcasting charge, and change the collection method to reduce evasion rates.

I see today’s Action Plan not as the culmination of a process, but rather as the beginning of a productive new engagement with policy makers.
John Gormley, Chairperson – Screen Producers Ireland

The OSN report and the Action Plan reflect the fact that Irish producers are at the heart, culturally and economically, of the Irish AV sector.

What must happen now is the immediate implementation of the key recommendations to ensure the continued growth and development of the independent production sector and the wider AV industry.

We welcome that a Steering Committee has been appointed to oversee the implementation of the Action Plan. Now is the time for this Committee to put in place a strict time frame for action on each recommendation.

Producers should be a part of the process and represented, alongside other key industry stakeholders, at this Committee.
Elaine Geraghty, CEO – Screen Producers Ireland