Careers in Screen

#Industry: Screen Skills Ireland launches Careers in Screen portal

Screen Skills Ireland, the former Screen Training Ireland, has launched a new Careers in Screen portal. The news came at the inaugural Screen Skills Industry Education Forum which took place in Dublin today (November 19th).

Careers in Screen is a dedicated space that outlines the broad range of job roles available in the screen industry in Ireland and directs you to the most appropriate routes to the roles.

The content has been developed by Screen Skills Ireland in consultation with screen industry professionals. It is available to help guide users if they are thinking about a career in the screen sector.

The portal is divided into four sections, highlighting the roles and opportunities in Film and TV Drama, TV (non-fiction), Animation, and Visual Effects (VFX) .

As part of Screen Skills Ireland’s commitment to mapping out career paths in the screen industries, this is a continuous, ongoing project that will allow new entrants and industry professionals in Ireland to see at a glance the large range of roles available in the screen industries, as well as map out career paths and progression opportunities. It is the first of its kind in Ireland and we envisage that it will be an excellent resource for the sector. It will be managed and updated by Screen Skills Ireland, aiming to provide a snapshot of the industry as it currently stands, providing new entrants and professionals with guidance on where and how to best address their career objectives.
Gareth Lee, Manager -Screen Skills Ireland 

More details can be found on the Careers in Screen portal,which is live now.