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Screen Ireland invites applications to establish Crew Development Hubs

Applications are now open to establish Crew Development Hubs across Ireland, as part of Screen Ireland’s new National Talent Academy for Crew initiative. Crew Development Hubs, locally based to support planned and existing infrastructure for the screen industry, will aim to address key skills needs for below the line production crew across all departments.

Screen Ireland is inviting applications from Lead Organisations to establish Crew Development Hubs, up to a maximum award of €300,000 per hub. As part of the application process, a consortium of industry stakeholders – representing employers, employees and local bodies – will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of regional priorities, as well as key tenets of diversity and inclusion.

Gareth Lee, Skills Development Manager said: “Irish production crews are renowned worldwide, and the growth of the Irish screen industry will create further need for highly skilled crew. Establishing strong Crew Development Hubs will allow a diverse range of industry stakeholders to participate and support the development of crew at all levels.”

The Crew Development Hubs will organise and deliver skills and talent development initiatives for crew roles in each department, aiming to create and broaden opportunities for new and existing crew; bridge gaps between third level and industry; and support experienced industry crew with further skills development and career progression opportunities. Diversity and inclusion, with a strong focus on regional talent, should underpin all of these activities.

This initiative will join the National Talent Academies for Film & Television and Animation in developing a coordinated approach to talent, crew and workforce development The successful development hubs will supplement and run alongside existing work-based learning and upskilling programmes for crew put in place by Screen Skills Ireland, the skills development unit of Screen Ireland. The Crew Development Hubs will also build on Screen Skills Ireland’s work across Section 481 Skills Development requirements, and the new Competency Framework being developed for crew roles by Screen Guilds of Ireland.

Ireland’s screen industries have experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade, with its contribution to the economy* growing from €164 million in 2010 to €357 million in 2019, a remarkable increase in 10 years. As the screen sector in Ireland continues to develop and with the expansion of studio infrastructure, it is likely that the demand for highly skilled crew at all levels will continue to grow substantially in the coming years. 

You can find more information on the Screen Ireland National Talent Academy for Crew and the Crew Development Hubs Application here.

The deadline for receipt of full applications on the accompanying application form template is 1pm, Friday, June 11th, 2021.