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#Industry: New Irish distribution company It Goes To Eleven Distribution launches

It Goes To Eleven Distribution today launches a brand new international sales and distribution company, specialising in independent feature films and theatrical documentaries.

For its first feature, It Goes To Eleven Distribution partnered with Snackbox Films (Older Than Ireland) to distribute their award-winning feature documentary Under the ClockThe feature was shown at cinemas across Ireland and festivals around the world earlier in the year and will be airing on RTÉ ONE on Monday 17th June at 9.35pm for its TV premiere.

Offering full Irish, British and international distribution and sales capabilities, It Goes To Eleven Distribution  aims to provide filmmakers with the best platform to reach the right audience each and every time.

With decades of experience working across production, distribution, exhibition, marketing and PR for some of the world’s biggest film and broadcasting companies, the team are in a unique position to support independent film and filmmakers, whilst providing a personal, fresh and collaborative approach to film distribution.

A lot of time, effort and resource goes into making a film so it’s our commitment to make their film work hard for them at the distribution stage, giving their project the best possible exposure and opportunity for critical and commercial success.
George Fields, Director of Technical Management & Theatrical Sales –  It Goes To Eleven Distribution

We’re in a unique position to combine our industry-leading expertise across all areas of film distribution with a personal and collaborative approach to become a true and loyal partner for filmmakers.
James Elms, Director of Marketing, Publicity & Theatrical Sales – It Goes To Eleven Distribution

Our aim is to support independent film and filmmakers, giving them the right distribution so their film can find an audience. Now, we’re welcoming filmmakers to get in touch with us and see how we can work together for a successful film launch.
Garry Walsh, Director of Group Distribution & Theatrical Sales – It Goes To Eleven Distribution

As filmmakers, it’s important for our distribution partner to connect with the type of films we make and who we’re making them for. With some larger distribution companies. you hand over your film and it gets lost in a slate of other distribution content that that company happens to be releasing at the same time. It Goes To Eleven Distribution is the ideal fit for us as they are as passionate and committed to our content as we are and this ensures that we get our films in front of our target audience each and every time. They understand the filmmaking business but more importantly they get the business of filmmaking.
Colm Nicell, Director of Under the Clock

The team at It Goes To Eleven Distribution made it easy for us. They know that the only way we can continue to do what we love – telling stories – is if they get our work to the widest possible audience and get us the highest possible returns.
Adam Stewart, Producer of Under the Clock

All filmmakers are encouraged to contact It Goes To Eleven Distribution at