Films You'd Love Your Kids to See

#Season: Films You’d Love Your Kids To See 3 at Light House Cinema

For the third year running, Light House Cinema will bring you (and your little ones) Films You’d Love Your Kids To See, a selection of classic family films back on the big screen for the whole summer. (July 2nd – August 30th)

From a day-long Back To The Future marathon to classic weepie My Girl and even something for grown-ups with a late-night Batman Forever screening and 90’s party, we’ve got you and the whole gang covered for July and August.

Join Light House Cinema for pirates, aliens, time travel, princesses, magic carpets, munchkins and so much more all summer long!

Tickets for all screenings can be purchased here.

Films That You'd Love Your Kids to See

The Extra-Terrestrial

July 2 3pm & 8.30pm

July 3, 6pm

July 6 3pm & 8.30pm

Everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial, E.T. is one of Spielberg’s most wonderful creations and still stands today as one of the greatest children’s films of all time. And audiences never tire of John Williams’ incredible score!


The Princess Bride

July 8 3pm & 10.30pm

July 12 3pm & 8.30pm

Due to popular demand, they’re including Rob Reiner’s hilarious fairytale The Princess Bride, based on William Goldman’s novel. A film that truly has everything – pirates, princesses, swordfights and even kissing! Don’t miss this classic comedy back on the big screen where it belongs.


The Goonies 35mm       

July 15 10:30pm

July 16  3pm

July 19 3pm & 8.30pm

Get a gang together for this audacious children’s adventure story. Hilarious, sometimes edgy and always weird – this is a wonderful 80’s delight, complete which sees a group of friends hunt down a pirates treasure to save their homes from being demolished. Truffleshuffling encouraged!




July 22 10.30pm

July 23 3pm

July 26 3pm & 8.30pm

One of Disney’s absolute classics, join Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie on a wild magic carpet wide and experience a whole new world of magic in this musical tale based upon the classic fable. Don’t be afraid to sing along!!



My Girl

July 28 10:30pm

July 30 3pm

August 2 3pm & 8.30pm

It’s finally time to experience 90’s classic My Girl on the big screen. Vada lives in a funeral home with her dad (Dan Ackroyd) and his new girlfriend (Jamie Lee Curtis) and just as she starts to feel the sting of adolescence, she meets a new unlikely friend in Thomas J. (Macauley Culkin), a shy, sheltered boy. Movies don’t get much sweeter than this. Bring yer hankies!


Jurassic Park     

July 29 3pm & 8.30pm

August 1 3pm & 8.30pm

Oh, the science we learned from Jurassic Park in 1993! Light House Cinema is happy to introduce a whole new generation to the world of paleontology, and who know, maybe one of them will grow up to be the next Richard Hammond – well, hopefully not. At least they’ll enjoy the dinosaurs and the adventures!


Cinema Book Club: Matilda

July 31s 6.30pm

Danny DeVito directs this weird and wonderful Hollywood adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story. Matilda is a very special child living with the most horrible parents imaginable and bullied by the world’s most terrifying principal. Her life changes forever when she meets Miss Honey, her kind and generous teacher. Join us for our special Cinema Book Club event. Read the book, watch the film then join them after the screening for a chat. Children are very welcome!



August 4 10.30pm

August 5 3.00pm

August 10 3pm & 10.30pm

Tom Hanks was nominated for Best Actor for his brilliant comedic turn in Penny Marshall’s brilliant take on the body-swap comedy. When 13 year old Josh wishes to be “big” he wakes up in the body of a grown man and embarks on some mostly very immature adventures in New York City.


The Addams Family/Addams Family Values DOUBLE BILL

August 5TH 4PM


The Addams Family

August 23 3pm & 8.30pm


Addams Family Values

August 24 3pm & 8.30pm

LHC just couldn’t wait til Halloween to screen Barry Sonnenfeld’s brilliant update of the famous 1960s TV show. Ooky, kooky and spooky enough to thrill children and grown-ups alike, they’re delighted to present both films in a double bill. One of the rare sequels that is just as good, if not even better than its predecessor, join Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and all sorts of other weirdos in this classic family comedy.


Batman Forever              

August 8 3pm & 8.30pm

Back when superhero movies were gaudy, hyper, demented and loads of fun, Batman Forever assembled one of the greatest casts ever assembled. Val Kilmer dons the leathers alongside, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones and Nicole Kidman. And let’s not forget that whopper 90’s soundtrack featuring Nick Cave, Flaming Lips, Massive Attack and of course everyone’s favourite song they don’t know the words to – Kiss From a Rose.


Back To The Future Trilogy MARATHON

August 12 3pm


Back To The Future

August 15 3pm & 8.30pm

Back To The Future Part II

August 16 3pm & 8.30pm

Back To The Future Part III

August 17 3pm & 8.30pm

LHC always like to test the stamina of our audiences, especially our young audience members with movie marathons, so this year they’re inviting you to hang out with Marty McFly and Doc Brown on their three very complicated adventures through time. On August 12th they will screen all three back to back, followed by midweek screenings of each film over three nights. You know you want to!


Batman Forever & 90’s Knight

August 19-Party 8.30pm, Film 10.30pm

Come bask in the neon glow of Joel Schumacher’s outrageously decadent Batman Forever and join us beforehand for a purple, pink and green-tinged Batman Forever party in our bar complete with themed cocktails and of course that epic soundtrack, along with some of our other favourite 90’s tunes. Feel free to dust off that old Riddler Halloween costume and come dressed as your favourite Batman Forever character or in your favourite 90’s throwback outfit!


The Wizard of Oz

August 25 10:30pm

August 26 3pm & 8.30pm

August 27 6pm

August 30 3pm & 8.30pm

The Wizard of Oz is something very special, but it is even more spectacular on the big screen. LHC is so pleased to include this in our programme of film for families. It’s practically a requirement for all humans at this stage.


Cinema Book Club: Mary Poppins

August 28 6.30pm

Julie Andrews won an Oscar for her utterly beguiling performance as magical nanny Mary Poppins in Disney’s classic musical Mary Poppins. They’re delighted to present this as their monthly Cinema Book Club. They’ll be reading P.L. Travers book and watching (and yes, maybe a a little singing along) followed by a chat about the adaptation after the screening. Children very welcome!