Pixar Season

#AtCinemas: PIXAR Season comes to Light House, Dublin and Pálás Galway from August 10th

Over the past three decades PIXAR has given the world some of the greatest animated short and feature films in cinema history. Pixar films are beloved by children but their meticulously crafted screenplays carry a sophistication in their storytelling and ethos that appeals to all ages. This summer Light House Cinema and Pálás are bringing you (and the kids!) a season of Pixar films, including every feature film in their repertoire, a Toy Story marathon for all to fill your hearts with joy and a Cars marathon for all the little Lightning McQueen’s out there.


Pálás ,Galway

Light House, Dublin

A Bug’s Life – August 10th, 3pm & 6pm
Flik is a misfit among his ant colony but when the colony is threatened by a gang of greedy grasshoppers, Flik recruits help in the form of a bunch of bugs who he mistakenly believes are warriors but are in fact a travelling actor troupe.

Wall-E – August 14th4pm & 6.30pm
One of Pixar’s more adult tales, virtually dialogue-free Wall-E is a meditative animation set in the future where humans have abandoned Earth after having pillaged it into a virtually uninhabited wasteland. Wall-E, a rubbish-collector robot, remains on earth living amongst the remnants of a rich cultural society that has moved on.

Finding Nemo – August 11th2pm
The ocean is almost incomprehensibly vast, especially if you are a tiny clownfish who has gotten separated from his loving father. Finding Nemo is a beautiful underwater adventure across continents with Nemo, his Dad Marlin and their new friend the kind but forgetful Dory.

Finding Dory – August 11th4.15pm
After the events of the first film, the three friends embark on another adventure as Dory finally goes in search of her long lost parents and despite her best efforts, nothing goes according to plan.

Cars – August 12th12pm

Join Lightning McQueen, a cocky sports car as he finds himself stuck in the small town of Radiator Springs with a ramshackle, rusty group of inhabitants. He soon finds however, that this unlikely change of scenery can teach him about being a friend and a champion.

Cars 2 – August 12th2.30pm

Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater venture across the ocean to England to compete in a race and soon find themselves caught up in the world of British espionage when Mater gets mistaken for an American spy.

Cars 3 – August 12th 5.00pm

After years of being the best in the business, Lightning McQueen finds himself being overtaken by younger, slicker cars and must figure out how to stay in the game with the help of some good friends, old and new.

Inside Out – August 13th12.00pm & 6.30pm

When Riley moves to a new city, her emotions go into overdrive. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear are embodied in the “Headquarters” of Rileys brain and must ensure that Joy wins out over all the negative emotions. Pixar explores the complicated machine that is the human psyche in fascinating, hilarious and clever ways in one of their most sophisticated films.

Up – August 16th12.00pm & 6.30pm
August 26th 4pm

An elderly man whose beloved home is under threat of demolition takes matters into his own hands by taking himself and his house on a trip via thousands of balloons. However, when he finds out he has a young stowaway they pair must find a way to deliver the young boy back home and embark on a fun and sometimes perilous journey together.

Brave – August 25th2.00pm

Merida is a young princess who is about to be married off to the man who can win her hand by winning at archery. When Merida defies tradition and puts herself into the competition to win her own hand, she sets in motion a chain of events that puts her family in danger and she must do everything she can to save them from an evil witch’s curse.

Toy Story Marathon – August 19th12pm

We’re bringing you an entire day of fun and adventures with Woody, Buzz and the gang with a day-long marathon of Toy Story films, back-to-back.

Toy Story Aug –  August 21st12pm & 6.30pm


Woody the cowboy is Andy’s favourite toy and the coolest guy in the nursery – that is until space adventurer Buzz Lightyear arrives on the scene and throws everything into disarray.

Toy Story 2 – August 22nd12pm & 6.30pm


After the adventures in the first film, Woody and Buzz face a greedy toy collector who plans to sell them to sit in a dusty glass box, far away from Andy and their friends.

Toy Story 3 – Aug 23rd12pm & 6.30pm

The day has finally come when Andy is moving out and going off to college, leaving behind his old friends. The toys are devastated and must adjust to their new life without Andy.

Monsters Inc – August 15th12pm & 6.30pm
August 18th12pm


Sully and Mike are monsters – they are the best in the business at scaring children. But when they accidentally bring a little girl back to the monster realm, they must hide her ad return her home before she destroys their world.

Monster’s University – Aug 18th2.15pm

Before they were best friends, Sully and Mike went to Monster’s University to fulfil their dreams of being “scarers” but it wasn’t exactly besties at first sight! Join Sully and Mike in their teen years as they go through all the fun and madness of university.

Ratatouille – August 17th3.30pm & 6.30pm

A rat dreams of becoming a chef in Paris and through his friendship with a kitchen worker he starts to see his dreams come true as he experiments with amazing recipes, bringing a unique flourish to Paris cuisine.

The Incredibles – August 20th3pm & 6.30pm

Join America’s favourite family of superheroes in their first adventure as they try to balance domestic life, celebrity, and complicated super powers while ensuring that the family are kept safe and happy at all costs! HiIarious, warm-hearted and full of breathtaking action!

The Good Dinosaur – August 26th2pm

If the dinosaurs had never become extinct, could humans and dinosaurs live side by side? Pixar explores this idea with lovable Arlo, a kind dinosaur with a nervous disposition, as he meets a human friend and embarks on an adventurous journey.

Coco – August 25th12pm

Coco explores the meaning of family and the legacy of loved ones who have passed away. The concept of family and identity are explored here by way of traditional Mexican beliefs about the afterlife. A celebration of life and appreciating those people who surround us, Coco is a beautiful film for all the family.

Artwork is by Matt Griffin, an award-winning Illustrator and Author from Kells, Co.Meath, Ireland. With clients including Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Penguin & Harper Collins, he has garnered an international reputation for distinctive and innovative graphic art. He is also the author of The Ayla Trilogy (O’Brien Press) with his debut novel ‘A Cage of Roots’ named the LAI Children’s Book of the Year 2017 in the 9-11 age category. He lives in Ennis, Co.Clare, with his wife and two daughters. For more follow him on Twitter – @mattgriffinart, Instagram – @mattgriffinillustrator, or Facebook – facebook.com/MattGriffinIllustrator/