Sigourney Fever

#Season: Light House Cinema presents Sigourney Fever

Light House Cinema has announced that it will present a season dedicated to a pioneering, one-of-a-kind icon of cinema, Sigourney Weaver.

Weaver’s performances have endured, inspired and cemented themselves in our hearts and minds. Empowering, complex, intimidating, powerful, caring, fearless, heroic, understated or iconic, Sigourney Weaver has it all in abundance.

Sigourney Fever is here!

Alien (Director’s Cut)

Wed 26th April 18.30 / Fri 28th April 20.00 / Sat 29th April 15.00

Ridley Scott’s terrifying masterpiece not only gave us the character of Ellen Ripley and H.R. Giger’s nightmarish Xenomorph, but also gave us Sigourney Weaver as a cinema star and for that, we are eternally grateful. Presented in its full glory as the director’s cut, Alien on the big screen will be mind-blowing.

Aliens (Director’s Cut)

Wed 26th April 20.50 / Friday 28th April 22.30 / Sat 29th April 17.30

This time it’s war…that feels like an understatement. Arguably the greatest Sci- Fi action film of all time brought us an Ellen Ripley who was haunted by the events of Alien and mourning the loss of everything she knew. Weaver wears this trauma and emotion in every heartbeat of her performance which makes her relationship with Newt so full of depth and makes the tension of that climactic face-off even more powerful.

Gorillas in the Mist

Wed 3rd May 15:00 / 20:30 & Sat 13th May 15.00

A huge role that left a lifelong impression was that of playing Dian Fossey, so much so that 30 years on, Weaver is still a loud and effective voice for the protection of gorillas and other endangered wildlife and is still actively participating in environmental and social causes. This film is as inspirational as it is heartbreaking and it’s with pride that we bring it back to the big screen.

The Ice Storm

Wed 10th May 15.00 / 20.30

This mesmerising, interwoven tale will be mesmerising on the big screen thanks to Ang Lee’s subtle and masterful direction and a perfectly balanced ensemble cast including a pitch-perfect performance from Weaver. Lust, intrigue, betrayal and tragedy are all on brilliantly detailed display against the backdrop of a 70’s American suburbia. The Ice Storm is a cinematic and performance-driven gem.


Fri 12th May 21.00 / Sun 14th May 14.00

Sigourney Weaver takes on the dual role of Dana Barrett and Zuul, the Gatekeeper of Gozer in this absolute classic which really needs no introduction. Accompanied on screen by some of the finest comedic actors of a generation, Weaver’s performance is the heart of what became a pop culture phenomenon. We’ll have Ghostbusters 2 follow each screening so it’s a perfect 80’s double bill.

Ghostbusters 2

Friday 12th May 23.00 / Sun 14th May 16.00

There’s something strange going on the in the sewers of New York city and it’s about to surface and bring all sorts of ghostly mayhem in this underrated sequel which oozes fun (sorry) and sees Weaver’s Dana Barrett facing Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia, The Sorrow of Moldavia, with a little help from the Ghostbusters of course.

Galaxy Quest

Fri 5th May 22.30 / Sat 6th May 15.00

This hilarious and affectionate send-up of Star Trek and its fandom has rightly reached cult status and features an all-star ensemble cast (including a treasured performance from the late Alan Rickman) playing down on their luck actors who used to play the crew of the fictional starship ‘Protector’. They think their biggest roles are behind them, but they were very, very wrong.

Working Girl

Sat 6th May 22.30 / Sun 7th May 15.00

An iconic classic and an Oscar-nominated performance from Weaver who brings the perfect dose of dominance, warmth, humour and nastiness to the role of the idea-stealing boss of the talented and ambitious Tess McGill, who is perfectly portrayed by Melanie Griffith. Throw in Harrison Ford, Joan Cusack, Alec Baldwin and that Carly Simon soundtrack for good measure and we are in 80’s heaven.