Studio Ghibli Season @ The Screen Cinema – August/September 2014

For fans of animation Studio Ghibli are widely regarded as one of the best studios in the business. The company, which is to Japan what Disney is to the US, has blessed the world with quality film after quality film. The Screen Cinema is celebrating this remarkable studios output with a season of films to be shown every Wednesday of this August and September, starting August 13th.

From its earliest inception in 1985 Ghibli was a very different studio, led by the directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata and the producer Toshio Suzuki. Under their tutelage the studio has produced 20 feature films, several short films, television commercials and a television film.

The Screen Cinema will be featuring 7 of their most iconic films, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Tales from Earth Sea, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Wind Rises, Princess Mononoke, and the most affecting animated film of all time Grave of the Fireflies. The films will screen each Wednesday at 8:30pm, starting with Spirited Away on August 13th.

If you’ve witnessed Ghibli then you know the majesty that is their films. If you haven’t then this is the best way possible to get to know and love them. Please note all films will be screened in their original Japanese with English subtitles.

Full Schedule: