The fight is on in Irish film Knuckle

A new Irish documentary film has been released and it’s already garnering worldwide attention. Titled Knuckle the film charts an amazing 12 year odyssey into the heart of the Irish Traveller community and brings viewers up close and personal with the truth of the sport of bare-knuckle fighting.

The movie follows two brothers as they fight for their reputations and the honour of their family name, amid a history of violent feuding between rival families within this small community.

The film did great business at the Sundance film festival where it caught the eye of US TV Station HBO, who plan to turn the film into a new series with assistance from the producers of Eastbound & Down.

Now’s your chance to catch the film for yourself. It’s currently airing exclusively at Dublin’s IFI, but if you can’t make it to these screenings fear not as the film is available to watch immediately on video on demand site Volta. Do not pass up this opportunity!