Irish Abroad: Patrick’s Day and North Circular Road nominated in Melbourne

Two Irish films have been selected and nominated for awards at the 2016 Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF), which takes place in the Australian city from September 11th to 19th.

Terry McMahon’s Patrick’s Day and Donal Nugent debut feature will both compete for Best International Feature at the festival, with both directors nomiated for Best Director.

Patrick’s Day has also picked up nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Lead Actor for Moe Dunford, Best Lead Actress for Catherine Walker. Dunford and Walker will compete against North Circular Road stars Pat O’Donnell and Lorna Larkin in those last two categories.

A supernatural drama starring Lorna Larkin (The Light of Day) and Pat O’Donnell (Tin Can Man, The Looking Glass), North Circular Road tells the story of weather forecaster Janice Cadogan, who begins to see disturbing visions of a troubled couple in her new home. North Circular Road recently featured in the East End Film Festival in London, the UK’s second largest film festival, and will have its Australian premiere on September 16th as part of MUFF.

Patrick’s Day stars Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox, Catherine Walker, and Philip Jackson. It follows a young man with mental health issues who becomes intimate with a flight attendant with her own demons.  When his obsessive mother finds out she enlists a dysfunctional detective to separate them. Patrick’s Day is a provocative love story which explores the right to intimacy.

The MUFF Awards will be presented on the closing night of the festival on September 19th.