#IrishFilm: Watch the incredibly creepy trailer for new Irish horror Nails

ScreenAnarchy has shared the first trailer for Denis Bartok’s new Irish horror film Nails.

Nails follows the story of Dana Milgrom, a track coach who, having survived a near-death car accident, finds herself completely paralysed and trapped inside her own body. While recovering, she becomes convinced that an evil presence, the titular Nails, exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her.  Believing her to be experiencing a mental breakdown, Dana’s family brush away her concerns.  Becoming increasingly terrified, Dana soon realises that she may not be the only target.  Unable to leave her bed, she risks losing the ones she cares for most.

Descent star Shauna Macdonald plays Dana, alongside British comedian Ross Noble (Stitches), Steve Wall (of Irish band The Stunning), Leah McNamara, and Richard Foster-King as Nails.

Bartok (producer of anthology horror Trapped Ashes) directs from his own script, which was co-written with Tom Abrams. Cinematography is by James Mather (Frank), with music by longtime Gary Numan collaborator Ade Fenton. The film has the support of the Irish Film Board, with Brendan McCarthy and John McDonnell producing for Dublin-based Fantastic Films along with Jan Doense and Herman Slagter of The Netherlands-based, genre-specific Netherhorror.

Nails will have its world premiere at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival on February 20th. Tickets for the premiere are available via the ADIFF website.