Irish Film: Mark O'Connor's powerful Stalker available from today on DVD

We’re big fans of Mark O’Connor’s Stalker around these parts, and so were delighted to see that the film has come to DVD. Fans of Love/Hate will recognise the main stars, who all do some of their best work in the film.

The film is an Irish psychological thriller and follows Oliver Nolan, a volatile homeless man, who wanders the streets of Dublin City during the Christmas period. After an unusual encounter with an evangelist, Oliver believes he is sent on a mission from God to clean up society. When he saves a disaffected young boy named Tommy from some local bullies an unlikely friendship is formed. Oliver soon learns that Tommy’s mother is a heroin addict and his uncle Rudyard is a local drug dealer, and takes it upon himself to get even with Rudyard and his gang of roguish criminals for taking advantage of his only friend, Tommy.

Written and directed by Mark O’ Connor (Between the Canals, King of The Travellers) and co written by and starring John Connors (Love/Hate, King of the Travellers), Barry Keoghan (Between the Canals, 71) and Peter Coonan (Love/Hate, The Guarantee), with singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey providing music for the film.

Stalker was runner up at the Galway Film Festival and winner of the Underground Film Festival in 2013.We gave it 4 stars and can thoroughly recommend you give it a shot. Special extras included: Making of Documentary and Interviews with the cast and crew.Buy it now at Tesco, Golden Discs and on Amazon.