Irish independent feature The Kids Aren’t Alright to be released on VOD from April 16th

Untold Stories Productions has released a second trailer for its Irish produced feature film The Kids Aren’t Alright, written and directed by Stuart Comerford. They have also announced that the film will be released for international video on demand streaming from April 16th.

The Kids Aren’t Alright is a young adult oriented Drama set in a secondary school, revolving around the lives of 6 final year students. It is a continuation of the acclaimed, no-budget, short film from writer/director Stuart Comerford, The Untold Story.

The Kids Aren’t Alright follows Ross (Ross McCann) as he comes to cope with the suicide of his classmate, Kayleigh. It is only when he’s introduced to Roísín (Hannah Joyce) that he begins to understand how complex his emotions are. Surrounded by deceptive, back-stabbing friends, Ross struggles to handle the stress of his final year in school – but luckily has Roísín there to offer him a guiding hand and a kick in the right direction. Through endless conversation and wild adventures, Roisín helps Ross return to understanding what the meaning of being young is, and how it’s possible to feel free and be a grown-up at the same time.

The Kids Aren’t Alright, which shares 5 producers with The Untold Story, builds upon the story in a number of ways. The film had a successful crowdfunding campaign in early 2014, which helped lead the project through production. Post-production issues led to the film missing its 2015 window, but following a rewrite and reshoots it is able to now be released.

The film stars Ross McCann, Hannah Joyce, Daniel Tobin, Christine O’Connor, Megan Lyons, and Gavin Connorton. It is produced by Stuart Comerford, Sean Donnelly, Ross McCann, Catherine Campbell, and Liam Dunne for Untold Stories Productions, in association with Stuart Comerford Photography.