Now Funding: Paul Rowley’s The Participants

Currently funding on Fund It is The Participants, the first feature drama film from Dublin based Still Films. The film is directed by Paul Rowley and produced by the Emmy awarded Nicky Gogan.

The Participants is set in an eerie abandoned world where no adults are to be found, and sees a gang of forgotten children play endlessly repetitive games to gain the favour of Mikhail, the self-proclaimed leader of this strange and isolated society. Rebelling against Mikhail’s tyrannical bullying, Emilia, Boris and the bird-like shaman boy Josef devise a plan to escape, twisting the rules to beat Mikhail at his own game.

Uniquely the film’s script was developed in collaboration with the cast of children and teenager, and sees the film examine how societies condone bullying and the alienation of those perceived as different.

The film was shot over seven days in the Lough Boora Parklands with a cast of young actors, many of who were acting for the first time.

The Participants has been selected to premiere at GAZE – the Dublin International LGBT Film Festival at the end of July. The producers are crowd-funding the last of the budget ao that they can pay for a final sound mix and colour grading, before the film makes its debut.

Check out the Fund It page or Facebook for more information.