Bridget Jones's Baby

#IrishBoxOffice: Bridget Jones’s Baby takes top spot at All-Ireland box-office for 2016

Ireland has fallen in love with Bridget Jones’s Baby, with the Universal Pictures film securing top-spot in the Republic of Ireland and All-Ireland box-office charts for 2016 after just 6 weeks of release.

The film, which marks the third outing of the Helen Fielding character, sees Renée Zellweger return as Bridget Jones, who after becoming pregnant is unsure if Mark Darcy (Colin Firth, also reprising his role) or Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey) is the father.

The film has already become the highest-grossing film in the franchise in the UK, as well as being UK producer Working Title’s biggest box-office success.

Bridget Jones’s Baby has pushed Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory off the top, with the animated sequel just one of three animated features in the Top 10, alongside The Secret Life of Pets at 3 and Zootropolis at 10. Superhero films make up four of the top ten, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the highest at 4, followed by Suicide Squad at 5, Deadpool at 6, and Captain America: Civil War at 7. Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange opens today and will hope to challenge for a spot of its own.

Pos Title Weeks ROI Gross All-Ireland Gross
1 Bridget Jones’s Baby 6 €3,597,157 €4,690,181
2 Finding Dory 13 €3,487,207 €4,632,332
3 Secret Life of Pets, The 18 €3,413,026 €4,476,520
4 Jungle Book, The 22 €3,159,809 €4,331,821
5 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 9 €2,811,752 €3,787,580
6 Suicide Squad 11 €2,765,505 €3,594,326
7 Deadpool 12 €2,574,542 €3,415,160
8 Captain America: Civil War 10 €2,409,449 €3,265,373
9 The BFG 13 €2,064,568 €2,879,009
10 Zootropolis 24 €2,035,009 €2,838,435

Figures courtesy of ComScore