Easy A – Trailer

Now here’s an intriguing looking movie, Easy A, a teen high-school film loosely based on the novel The Scarlet Letter. Before you run away in terror hear me out.

The movie stars Emma Stone, who is very likeable and easy to watch, and the trailer has a definite Mean Girls aura to it. It looks to be one of those rare movies that is smart while still being about teens trying to have sex. Maybe not Juno but something close.

Emma Stone plays Olive, a pretty but unnoticed girl who helps a gay friend out by pretending that they’ve been intimate. This instantly increase her social status (perhaps not in a manner that she’d like) but soon she starts using lies and rumours to fuel a meteoric rise in popularity.

You just know it’ll all end in tears but there should be some laughs along the way. The movie is out October 22nd.