Catch 3 exclusive looks at Get Him to the Greek

Universal Pictures Ireland are spreading the love around the Irish movie blogs.  Two weeks ago I was gifted the Irish exclusive of a behind the scenes look at Despicable Me. Last week my friend Darren at The M0vie Blog was given the Irish exclusive behind the scenes look at Get Him to the Greek. And today it’s Vic’s turn over on The Movie Bit.

The Movie Bit has also gotten its hands on an exclusive clip from Get Him to the Greek., the hilarious looking spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie follows Aaron Greenberg (Jonah Hill) and ambitious young intern who is tasked with the job of getting rockstar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) from London to LA. Sounds simple enough, but Greenberg soon falls under the spell of the wayward Snow and hi-jinxs ensue.

Hit up The Movie Bit from 9am to catch the clip.

Edit: It looks like Average Film Reviews go their hands on an exclusive clip too. Nice one Nicola.

Edit 2: And there’s another one! Pop over to Pop Culture Monster for another sneak peek.