Intriguing new poster for Apollo 18

Where would be be without a few good conspiracy theories? I mean they keep the nutjobs entertained, the government on its toes and the papers in print. They also serve as a great jumping off point for movies as Apollo 18 will testify.

No this is not some belated sequel to the rather excellent Ron Howard drama Apollo 13, but rather another in the recent spate of “found footage” movies which focuses on the aborted Apollo 18 mission to the moon. It seems that maybe the mission wasn’t cancelled after all.

As evidenced by the new poster for the project the reason thet the US government “cancelled” the mission and has never returned to the moon is because it actually found something up there that it would rather not talk about.

If this all sounds a little Blair Witch in space then let me alleviate your fears somewhat. Timur Bekmambetov, of Wanted and Night Watch fame, is on hand as producer with Gonzales Lopez-Gallego (director of the great Spanish thriller King of the Hill) behind the camera.

I’m liking the poster and it sounds an intriguing prospect so I will be checking this out when it is released in March.