2 more epic Tron:Legacy featurettes

It’s Tron Tuesday once again and Walt Disney Pictures Ireland have sent over two neat featurettes for Tron: Legacy, one a behind the scenes look and the other focusing on the vehicles of the movie.

While the vehicles featurette is pretty cool, with interviews with cast members Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, and Olivia Wilde, and a look at the Darren Gilford designed and improved light-cycles, it is the behind the scenes video that is the more interesting.

This on shows a look at the remarkably well-built sets and cybersuits worn by the actors which are surprising real given all the CGI. Not to discount the CGI there’s also a look at the motion-capture outfit that Bridges had to don to bring Clu 2.0 to life.

Seriously just watch these and prepare to be blown away on December 17th.