Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

#IrishActor: Liam Neeson to star in remake of In Order Of Disappearance

Deadline is reporting that Ballymena star Liam Neeson has lined-up yet another project, this time he will play the lead in a remake of the Norwegian film In Order Of Disappearance.

Neeson will take on the mantle of original star Stellan Skarsgard and play a laid-back snowplow driver whose son is murdered by drug-dealers. This triggers a vigilante streak in Neeson’s character and sets him on a path of vengeance. The remake will move the action from Norway to the US, with Aspen the probable location.

In Order Of Disappearance will be directed by Hans Petter Molland, who was in the seat for the original 2014 release. Frank Baldwin is writing the scrip, with Michael Shamberg producing for Studiocanal, alongside Finn Gjerdum and Stein Kvae, who produced the original. Paul Schwartzman will executive produce.

Neeson is currently preparing for Peter Landesman’s Felt, having finished shooting Martin Scorsese’s Silence, J.A. Bayona’s A Monster Calls, and most recentlyJohn H. Lee’s Korean actioner Operation Chromite, where he plays General Douglas MacArthur. He will follow those up with roles in Ruben Fleischer’s The Revenger,Sean O’Keefe’s remake of The Escapist, a reteam with Jaume Collet-Serra called The Commuter, and Antoine Fuqua and Brian Kirk’s Narco Sub.