Middle Men – Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a new comedy called Middle Men, loosely based on the real-life inventors of a medium to allow payment for pornography over the internet.

Starring Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht, the story focuses on three of the early pioneers of internet porn and the life that their creation gave them. Wilson plays businessman Jack Harris, a corporate “fixer” who has it all, wife, kids, the works. He meets with Wayne Beering (Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Macht), two guys who like attractive women and have uncovered a truly brilliant idea: putting pictures up online and creating a system to let users pay to see them using their credit cards.

Seems so simple now, but back in the early/mid 90s it was anything but. Soon the boys are up to their necks in pimps, porn-stars and the mafia, and then things take a turn for the worse…

It looks like it could be a bit of fun and Wilson is usually pretty good. It’s out Stateside in August but there’s no word on a release over here.