New quad poster for We Are What We Are

Artifical Eye, via Blogomatic3000, have released a neat new UK quad poster for We Are What We Are, Jorge Michel Grau’s new cannibalistic drama.

The movie tells the story of a family who, after the death of the patriach, are forced to fend for themselves. Problem is, as a family of cannibals, this is harder than it seems…

This Mexican horror stars Adrián Aguirre, Miriam Balderas, Francisco Barreiro and Carmen Beato, and is brought to us from first-time feature director Grau, directing from his own script.

It’s an interesting topic so I’ll give this a chance. We Are What We Are is released November 12th.


A middle-aged man who dies in the middle of a shopping mall leaving his widow, two sons and daughter destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only by their terrible loss, but also a massive challenge. For they are cannibals, driven to eat human flesh because of poverty rife in the Latin American urban jungle. To justify their diet they surround their mealtimes in ritual blood ceremonies. But who will provide the victims now their father has gone? Who will trawl the city looking for life’s flotsam, losers, prostitutes and junkies? The task falls to the eldest son Alfredo to slake the family’s hunger. Yet he’s far from ready to accept the challenge especially as he carries another secret all his own.?