Quartermain – Or what Sam Worthington did next

It seems the latest game in Hollywood these days “is what can we cast Sam Worthington as today?” The newest answer…Alan Quartermain, the hero of H Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines and its sequel.

The new project, currently titled Quartermain (wouldn’t like to make it too difficult now would they) will see the Australian born star play lead as well as produce. The plot has been altered from that of the book and will see Worthington’s hero return to an abandoned Earth long after humans have left it to venture to the stars. Obviously he’s bound to be looking for something, and there’s sure to be someone or something still remaining. Otherwise we’ll have a very big I Am Legend on our hands.

The original script was penned by Mark Verheiden (of Timecop “fame”) and rewritten by producing duo Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, the guys behind Smallville and who are also producing the upcoming I Am Number Four. No director is attached yet but that’s sure to be resolved soon.

The last time Alan Quartermain was portrayed on screen it was by Sean Connery in the ill-fated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Hopefully Worthington’s will be better than that!