Richard Donner says a Goonies sequel is happening

Richard Donner has stated that he is hoping to complete a sequel to The Goonies and this all occurred in some sort of random interaction with a TMZ photographer. Given he brought us more than just the Goonies: Superman, Lethal Weapon and The Omen, we know he has the skills to bring an older audience the action and humour that will make this work.


The Goonies was released in 1985 so it is approaching its 30-year anniversary, but I am not sure that this or any other time is the right time for a Goonies sequel. Hold on, didn’t I just say this could work? Yes, it could definitely work because Donner is great, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea.




The Goonies is inextricably linked to the childhood of most thirty-something’s and that nostalgic attachment is of extremely high value to those who grew up with and loved the original. I love the Goonies with all my heart; it was a Saturday morning VHS staple for many years. The sense of childhood adventure, that you could be a Goonie, is something that makes it such a fantastic world and that is very difficult to recreate for an adult audience. If it’s going to be trading on that nostalgic love it is going to have to deliver the goods big time.


Donner was pretty confident when asked about returning cast members, which in honesty would go a long way to making this idea even remotely palatable. There are issues within that realm given Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey) and Sloth (John Matuszak) are no longer with us, the latter being of major significance. Getting participation from the surviving cast members is a must, as any recasting will undoubtedly turn people away.




Next up is a believable and workable plot; this is the biggest hurdle this whole idea faces and it will define the whole thing, be it good or bad. One bad review or negative comment from a lover of the original and this thing is going to go down faster than the tyres on Brand’s new bike.


This could be awesome or it could be disastrous, my mind is open but my heart definitely isn’t. While we’re waiting to find out what Donner manages to throw together why not check out the original theatrical trailer below, it’ll bring back all the best memories.