Out this Week (May 21st) – Cop Out

Opening this week, some 3 months after the United States, is Kevin Smith‘s new film Cop Out. Starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan (of 30 Rock fame) this tells the story of two police officers who after botching a drug sting are suspended, without pay. This unsavoury situation forces Willis’ character Jimmy to sell a rare baseball card in order to make money to pay for his daughters weeding. When that card is stolen the pair must do all they can to retrieve it.

The film marks the first time that Smith has directed a script not of his own making, and critics Stateside appear to think that that was a mistake. Still the trailers look fun and Smith, Willis and Morgan are all good for a laugh so it can’t be all bad.


TV Spot – Rock Out

TV Spot – True Cops

TV Spot – The Tradition

Red Band Trailer

Red Band Clip – Car Thief

Red Band Clip – Knock Knock

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Out of the Car

Horrible Actor

Put the Gun Down


Stop Repeating Me

Here to help

What that Means

Red Band Clip – Dickie Doo

International Trailer