Delivery Man


Vince Vaughn stars as David, an underachiever working as a driver for the family business. Nothing about this man is remarkable, except of course that he owes the mob 80k . So nothing too serious then.

Life couldn’t get any worse for David, that is until he learns that he fathered 533 children through sperm donation over 20 years ago. Life deals him a worse blow, 142 of them want to meet him. Just as well he knows a great lawyer who can represent him then, as David’s best friend Brett (Pratt) takes on the case. It is during their interactions with each other that the dialogue is at it’s funniest in the film.

David decides he wants to make a difference to lives of the children and against his lawyers advice sets about helping them, obviously this does not go according to plan, one guy even looses his job. There are however some real moments of warmth during these scenes.

With everything looking like it’s going to fall apart, will David make the right decision?

Vince Vaughn may have had a run of unfunny, not so great leading role films, is Delivery Man his return to lime light? Possibly. With a supporting cast of Pratt, Cobie Smulders as his beautiful but under appreciated love interested, Simon Delaney as his exasperated brother and a whole host of young talented actors playing his children including our very own Jack Raynor, it makes for a very strong cast.

Overall, Delivery Man has it’s funny moments but it will also have you reaching for the tissues too!

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