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#Review: Marry Me

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It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. With it comes a film genre that is almost lost to time, the romcom. If you think about it the Rom-Com used to rule the roost years ago. In Marry Me, a jilted singer on the night of her concert/wedding learns her husband to be was cheating on her. In a moment of clarity, she decides to marry the first person she sees. Enter Charlie. From there hilarity and heart ensue.

Starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson Marry Me is a delight. It’s a familiar film in so much as you know the bones of this film. The structure is simple and predictable but when the film takes detours in the established narrative of a romcom it is greatly appreciated. It is also surprisingly emotional. I would say the main reason for this is Jennifer Lopez is carrying this film. She is phenomenal. She sells this ridiculous premise and takes you along this ride and you’ll be all for it.

Lopez brings such warmth and vulnerability to Kat. It makes her immediately lovable. On top of that, the songs in this film are so much fun. Lopez is working her ass off in this film and elevates the other parts that are lacking. On the topic of elements lacking Wilson is pretty bland. He plays the role of Charlie a little too quietly. Thankfully Lopez lifts him up as the film progresses.

Why not? Yes

I have to say I went into this film ready to dislike it. From the premise that sounds ripped from an SNL sketch to the terrible posters (seriously they are not well designed), I was not thrilled to be seeing it. Thankfully though I was wrong. Marry Me is a sweet and moving story about unconventional love. If you look at the themes of the film; finding independence, believing in love even if it doesn’t always believe in you Marry Me is surprisingly warm and sweet. Does it fall into the usual trappings of a Rom-Com? Yes, but when the story is still so engaging and the characters are so lovable that you can’t help but smile when they win and shed a tear when they lose that is truly a great story.

Marry Me is by no means a perfect film. It is predictable as I’ve stated before and its core story is completely over the top but that ultimately didn’t matter because I wanted Kat to be happy. And if a film can get you to root for its characters then it has succeeded. Marry Me is the perfect film to see with the other half on Valentine’s Day and I hope it will leave you with a song in your heart as it did me.

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