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Out this week in cinemas is a very special film about a very unique individual, this person and this film is Pearl. This film is set in Ti West’s unorthodox trilogy that follows Mia Goth in two key roles. In X, we saw Goth as Maxine and an elderly Pearl. Now in this film we see the humble and horrifying beginnings of the youthful Pearl.

Set in 1918, this young farmer is being held back by her controlling mother and her enfeebled father. She waits for the day that her husband will come back from war and save her. Unfortunately, that day seems further and further away as she waits for Howard to return.

I’m special

This is a brilliant film, near perfect actually. Ti West and Mia Goth are a creative powerhouse. To shift from what X was as a film and to then head into Pearl is phenomenal. The world is vibrant, full of lush colours and feels wholesome and sweet. Unfortunately, there is a seedy undercurrent, that as the film spirals further and further out of control becomes more and more apparent.

It’s absolutely stellar visual storytelling. On top of that is a score that is both sweet and terrifying. In my mind, the score is reflecting what is going on in Pearl’s mind and it is quite a rollercoaster in there. Easily the best part of the film is the titular character herself. This film is basically showcasing how phenomenal an actor Mia Goth is. If X was her just beginning, this is her in full swing and it’s unforgettable.

There is a point in the third act that had me floored and it was simply Goth giving a monologue that is brutally honest and devastating. It came across as the most honest moment a person could ever have and I adored it.

For fans of X, wondering if Pearl will live up to it, I’m of two minds. It isn’t nearly as gory as X, however, Pearl is perhaps more terrifying and brutal. This version of Pearl is a monster, playing with the idea of being human. She believes becoming a star will satiate her darker tastes, I on the other hand believe it could only make matters worse.

This is an absolutely brilliant film, that I highly recommend to anyone who loves horror, who loved X and who loves a genuinely engaging time at the cinema. Check out Pearl this week at your nearest cinema.

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